Dr. Seyed Mehran Zareh – Researcher in Philosophy, Art and History

The tumult of the feelings in special moments arising from the presence of humans in this world has a significant impact on Anahita’s reactions to her environment. This artist has an endless thirst for establishing a visual connection with the elements present in her natural surroundings. Understanding and exploring objects in this environment guide her towards a captivating reflection of everything present in watercolour techniques. Shapes and colours take on a poetic finesse in her artistic effects, making the viewer feel as if they are alive and present within her works. Her thirst for reflecting her works manifests in a seductive presence in vibrant and romantic colours, in a way that its elements dance within it and entice the viewer. This joy doubles when two elements of colour and form come together to create her work. Anahita is an Iranian artist with Eastern thoughts, and her works reflect a particular reflection of Iranian culture and to some extent, Eastern culture. Although her tools and techniques tend towards the West, the inherent emotions of this artist can only be imagined within an Eastern framework. This special inner essence, rooted in basic emotions, not only encourages a stimulating logic in the viewer to explore beyond geographical boundaries but also with pleasant freedom. This expression and definition, especially the main foundation of Anahita’s works, has created its own unique artistic language.

By Dr. Seyed Mehran Zareh – Researcher in Philosophy, Art and History

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